Cowichan River   “Trapper’s Cabin”

Trapper’s Cabin - Rental on the Cowichan River

Below are a few treasured comments from some of our visitors that stayed at the "Trappers Cabin"... some have come back a few times.

"I'm so glad we found this spot! It feels like a backcountry cabin without actually being in the backcountry. Having the fire roaring when we arrived was a welcome surprise. This is my kind of place. Sure beats staying in a characterless hotel. My friend Steve and I came here to Mt Bike and will definitately be back for some other adventures. Many thanks "

"Dear Jim , Thankyou for letting us stay in your awesome cabin...such a unique place...Fabulous...can't find the words! Thankyou for the salmon! Our son said this was the best he ever ate! Hope to come back someday "
~ The Blessings from Germany

"Jim & Tracy, Glad things worked out for me to stay at the cabin again. Great place to come back to, especially when you can have lunch with a bear right across the river! He had rotten salmon brains, I had a cheese and sausage sandwich. Be back again soon! "
~ Mike

August 10, 2010
Dear Tracy & Jim, I don’t know if we can ever really convey to you what joy we’ve found here at the Trappers Cabin. Although these are our last two days of our honeymoon - they have been the highlight of our whole trip. The water was warm and clear, the bike trip was memorable, the quiet and calm, soothing and the cabin - unforgettable. The love and work that you have poured into this place has inspired us almost as much as your kindness and generosity has. If you’re ever in Washington State please look us up, we’d love to repay you for the beautiful place you’ve provided us here.

August 30-31, 2009
"To come to a place like this a week before I am to be wed is truly the perfect experience. My best friend and I found this sanctuary to be the perfect escape with the right touch of comfort. Thanks."
~ Carinna & Lisa

"What a fabulous spot! This morning we were entertained by about 8 river otters. Hope to be back - and soon! I will certainly let my friends know about your cabin.
~ Victoria

This beautiful little cabin and amazing spot could not possibly have been mor ideal. Just what we needed to get away from the city and relax, listen to the river and the fire crackle. Thank you so much for providing such an amazing space, what a blessing! We will certainly be back again soon! Thakyou also for the wine and all of the extras you provided to make this little gem a very welcoming and relaxing place!
~ Victoria

December 18th, 19th, 20th, 2009
Was expecting the worst when we first came here and found a gem that I'm sure we will be using many more times.

December 24th-27th, 2009
I had a great time. I love this cabin and Cowichan River. I’ll be back someday. I’ll get a Steelhead and Brown Trout. It's my dream. Thankx a lot.

December 28-30th, 2009
My wife found this amazing spot a week before our wedding and now took me here with her. It’s the most stunning little cabin in a bequtiful place. Thanks so much for sharing this area.

"Thanks Jim and Tracy for the nite in this little paradise! We came to fish but ended up just relaxing! How can you not? Can't beat it!! Thankx Much!"


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